2015 Newsletter Archive

December 2015—2015 was quite a year!

In this issue:

As 2015 came to an end, we reflected on the milestones HSVMA reached in our efforts to bring the veterinary profession to the forefront of animal protection. Together in 2015, we:

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November 2015—Join HSVMA-RAVS in 2016!

In this issue:

  • Learn a few of the many reasons why veterinary professionals and students join HSVMA-RAVS each year, watch an exhilarating video of one of our 2015 South Dakota clinics, and learn how you can join the adventure next year...more»
  • Earlier this month, HSVMA hosted it's first Student Animal Welfare Symposium at the University of Wisconsin SVM. The event covered animal welfare topics not normally examined in veterinary schools and inspired open discussions...more»
  • Everyone wins when shelters and private practitioners collaborate! Join us next month as we co-host a webinar with the Association of Shelter Veterinarians that will highlight the benefits of shelters and veterinary clinic building and maintaining partnerships...more»
  • Have you insured your most important asset: your ability to work and earn an income? As a member of HSVMA, you are now eligible to receive premium discounts of up to 20% in individual disability insurance from the Principal Life Insurance Company...more»

October 2015—What you need to know about reporting suspected abuse

In this issue:

  • Veterinary professionals can be the first to detect animal abuse through interactions with clients and patients, as well as the key to prosecution through appropriate documentation. View our special three-part webinar series that covers all aspects of veterinary involvement in an abuse case, presented by Dr. Melinda Merck...more»
  • California Gov. Jerry Brown signed a historic bill earlier this month that will require a veterinarian’s order for all antimicrobials sold over the counter for use in farm animals...more»
  • In July, an HSVMA-RAVS volunteer told us about an inspirational young girl named Erin from the San Carlos Apache community; it turns out Erin has had an impact a few of our volunteers...more»
  • Now you can support HSVMA every time you shop on, at no cost to you! Shop as you normally would on AmazonSmile, and Amazon will donate a portion of your purchase price to»

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August 2015—Hurricane Katrina: 10 Years Later

In this issue:

  • From the first news reports of the destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina, veterinarians and veterinary technicians from around the country began reaching out to offer their support and their services...more»
  • HSVMA-RAVS stepped in to be primary point of deployment for veterinary personnel during the response, and filled a critical need for veterinary expertise...more»
  • Three veterinarians recount their experiences responding to help in the Gulf Coast region after Katrina hit, and describe how Hurricane Katrina not only changed the face of disaster response, but also their respect for our deep bond with our pets...more»
  • The rescue efforts after Hurricane Katrina--for both humans and animals--were astounding, and extended weeks after the flooding receded. Read journal entries detailing the 16 days that two HSVMA leaders spent in St. Bernard Parish cajoling and trapping loose animals...more»
  • After any disaster, there is a period of rebuilding. Even a decade later, parts of Louisiana and Mississippi are still recovering from Hurricane Katrina. However, the disaster has created a few positive lasting legacies...more»

July 2015—What to do (and not do) when a pet is lost

In this issue:

  • Dr. Jan Bellows shares tips for finding a missing pet – things he learned when his own dog went missing – plus, get information you can share with clients should they find themselves in the same situation...more»
  • HSVMA recently adopted positions on various issues -- such as the veterinary profession’s role in animal welfare, non-therapeutic (cosmetic) surgeries, the Five Freedoms, equine issues, wildlife concerns, and more—that differentiate us as an animal welfare-driven organization...more»
  • Everyone leaves an HSVMA-RAVS clinic with a story. Read the story of a Midwestern University veterinary student who joined us for our clinics in San Carlos, Ariz., and left with the realization that being a veterinarian not only means she'll be saving animals, but also people...more»
  • HSVMA connects you to knowledge, resources, and opportunities to help promote a more humane veterinary profession every day. But to take full advantage of your membership, we need current contact information! Update your profile today...more»

June 2015—Ways you can help engender compassion for animals in children

In this issue:

  • Melissa Shapiro, DVM shares her introduction to humane education as a child, how that experience inspired her to become a veterinarian and to teach children about animal welfare, and easy ways for you to get involved in your community...more»
  • Inspired by growing public concern for animal welfare and the importance of putting science in the proper context for hot topic animal welfare issues, Purdue University recently held a symposium on animal welfare science...more»
  • HSVMA-RAVS Senior Staff Veterinarian, Dr. Paul Breckinridge, shares a touching story about an unexpected connection with an HSVMA-RAVS veterinary student volunteer...more»
  • Earlier this year, a diverse group of veterinarians discussed how the profession can ensure humane care and treatment of all pets. Read the basic principles they agreed upon, and add your support...more»

May 2015—Veterinary technician specialties, plus new liability insurance program

In this issue:

  • Specialties give veterinary technicians the opportunity to further their professional education and careers, while also benefitting practices by enabling them to offer a wider range of services to help keep clients invested in the hospital...more»
  • Veterinary support is needed to help pass a bill that would end the practice of soring--the intentional infliction of pain to horses' hooves and feet to force them to perform an exaggerated gait that is desired in some show rings...more»
  • HSVMA-RAVS clinics are definitely not your typical veterinary clinic; they provide students a wide range of experiences in a short amount of time, resulting in an intense-but-rewarding learning environment...more»
  • As a preferred vendor for HSVMA, Wells Fargo Insurance offers our members access to exceptional and cost-effective proprietary insurance coverage for veterinary professionals – now available in all 50 states!...more»

April 2015—Why should veterinary professionals care about captive primate welfare?

In this issue:

  • The highly-developed emotional and mental capabilities of apes and monkeys mean that, like humans, they can suffer and be harmed by more than just physical pain. What role do veterinarians have to play in advocating for captive primate welfare? Should it be illegal to own primates as pets? Should they have legal personhood?...more»
  • If presented with a case of suspected animal cruelty, would you know what to do? HSVMA may pursue legislation that would provide immunity, education, and the resources you need to protect patients who are at risk of abuse...more»
  • Animal Control Officer Jeff Muhlhauser has spent the last decade of his career dedicated to finding new ways to improve the health and welfare of animals for the Quinault Indian Nation in Washington state—with great success...more»
  • Do you need continuing education units? HSVMA members have FREE access to 15 RACE-approved webinars so you can earn CE in just 90 minutes from the comfort of your home or office!...more»

March 2015—The reality of breeding pandas for profit in China

In this issue:

  • Read about a member's experience with trying to implement changes to improve giant panda health and welfare at breeding facilities...more»
  • HSVMA is gathering veterinary endorsements on a statement to help address the critical animal welfare, human health, and environmental issue of lead toxicity...more»
  • While dozens of RAVS staff and veterinary volunteers are busy treating animals, one volunteer works behind the scenes to provide them three meals a day...more»
  • We invite you to join us to learn about current palliative care options, including animal hospice, and how to broach the difficult subject of quality of life with clients...more»

February 2015—Do low-cost clinics pose a threat to veterinarians?

In this issue:

  • Why veterinarians should support, not try to shut down, nonprofit and low-cost veterinary clinics that are providing a critical public service for pets and families who are struggling financially—and might never receive veterinary care without their help...more»
  • A recent article in the New York Times uncovered decades of brutal treatment of farm animals used for research at a taxpayer-financed federal facility...more»
  • For fourth-year veterinary student, Leah Montgomery, volunteering with HSVMA-RAVS isn't just another way to get hands-on training. She shares with us five reasons why she loves RAVS...more»
  • 2015 marks our fifth consecutive year of supporting the promotion of spay/neuter awareness and providing training opportunities for veterinary students through World Spay Day events...more»

January 2015—Entertainment or cruelty?

In this issue:

  • Whether it's shocking bulls with electric prods or spurring broncs in the shoulders to force them to buck violently, inflicting fear and pain to entertain spectators seems to be common practice at rodeos...more»
  • Two California state laws that will have a huge impact on farm animals were implemented at the beginning of the year: Proposition 2 and AB 1437...more»
  • Learning new skills is nerve-wracking, but HSVMA-RAVS helps student volunteers develop and improve surgical through mentorship and a supportive environment...more»
  • From the passage of legislation impacting the veterinary profession and animal welfare to promoting spay/neuter through World Spay Day events, we accomplished so much in 2014...more»

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