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Dog, cat gas chambers to be banned in North Carolina

Source: WNCT 9

(December 9, 2014) RALEIGH, N.C. - According to a release from the Animal Legal Defense Fund, animal gas chambers will soon be banned for routine euthanasia in North Carolina.

The North Carolina Board of Agriculture has announced it will now prohibit gas chambers in the “routine euthanasia of cats and dogs." This comes after an April 2014 petition for rulemaking on the issue that the national nonprofit Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) filed with the board...

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New Robotic Dog Simulation Center To Train Up And Coming Vets

Source: Ubergizmo

(September 3, 2014) Four years ago, the world’s first robotic dog simulator was revealed to the pleasant surprise for many up and coming vets, as it allowed one to actually work with what looks as close to the real deal as possible. Well, since then, work has been done to evolve this idea into that of a new simulation center which has been set up at Cornell’s College of Veterinary Medicine. This is a brand new, advanced pet simulator which enables the simulation learning model to experience a widespread growth through the whole veterinary curriculum, and it functions as a precedent to other institutions to walk down the same path...

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Like pet, like partner: links between animal abuse and domestic violence

Source: The Sydney Morning Herald

(August 17, 2014) Animals can’t talk, but evidence that pets are being abused by their owners can be a sign that women and children are also victims of domestic violence.

In her time as a vet, Lydia Tong has seen several cases of abused animals that left her wondering whether the women and children in the family were also experiencing violence.

In collaboration with Domestic Violence NSW, Dr Tong, from the University of Sydney, is now embarking on a study to examine the link between pets being harmed by their owners and domestic violence. She hopes the study's findings will be used to improve services for both human and animals victims. ...

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Agreement on sow housing

Source: AVMA Annual Convention Daily News - Sunday

(July 27, 2014) The AVMA will advocate giving pregnant pigs room to move and housing them in ways that reduce stress.

Members of the AVMA House of Delegates voted to edit existing Association policy to add statements that pregnant sows should have enough space to assume normal postures and that housing and management systems for these animals should reduce exposure to conditions that result in distress and fear. The adjusted policy also encourages research on pregnant sow needs and training for those who work with sows...

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More Bay Area Dogs Headed To Clinics With Marijuana Poisoning

Source: KCBS

(July 14, 2014) SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)— Recently the news has suggested that there’s been a spike in the number of dog’s poisoned by marijuana consumption here in California. Dr. Jennifer Scarlett from the San Francisco SPCA says it’s true. More dogs are being rushed to Bay Area emergency clinics after eating pot that was intended for humans...

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Veterinarians' case studies aid FDA jerky investigation

Source: DVM360

(June 14, 2014) More than six months after U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a “Dear veterinarian” letter asking for assistance from private practitioners in its investigation of jerky pet treat illness, the FDA issued an update. While the agency still has not identified a specific cause for jerky-related illness, it says the many well-documented case reports it received from veterinarians since October of last year have been extremely valuable to the investigation...

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Keeping animals in crates, cages raises health concerns

Source: Common Wealth magazine

(June 24, 2014) “YOU CAN’T HAVE good human health without good animal health, and you can’t have good animal health without good human health” said the late great Dr. James Harlan Steele, one of three internationally-recognized pillars of Veterinary Public Health. It’s important for legislators to keep Dr. Steele’s sage words in mind as the Massachusetts Legislature considers the potential impact on public health of permitting the use of veal and swine gestation crates and battery cages for hens in Massachusetts...

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