Advocate for Animals

Dr. Hodges at podium
Dr. Barbara Hodges leads a group to promote a ban on chaining dogs.

Whether making slight changes in your practice protocol or joining efforts to enact animal protection laws or regulations, now is the time to get involved.

At the state or federal level:

  • Write or speak in support of state or federal animal protective legislation. Here are some current issues you can help with:
    • JUNE 2018: Help defeat the dangerous federal King Legislation that would negate important state animal cruelty laws. Sign our veterinary opposition statement

  • Volunteer to serve on advisory boards and committees that offer guidance on animal welfare

In your practice:

In your community:

  • Volunteer for low-cost spay/neuter events such as those associated with World Spay Day (formerly known as Spay Day USA)
  • Get involved in humane education efforts in your local schools
  • Write Letters to the Editor to your local newspaper on animal welfare topics
  • Serve as a resource for local animal agencies control during animal cruelty investigations

In the profession:

  • Encourage your state, national or special veterinary association to adopt resolutions promoting animal welfare
  • Write Letters to the Editor to professional publications in support of animal welfare positions
  • Offer to present at veterinary conventions or other continue education venues on animal welfare topics


For more information about HSVMA Advocacy efforts or to get involved, email us.