Historical Information: News Reports

This section highlights a historical list of news reports involving veterinary professionals.

March 2010—Michigan State College of Veterinary Medicine Ends Terminal Surgeries on Dogs

February 2010—Ohio and Missouri Ballots Need Veterinary Leadership

January 2010—HSVMA Commends AVMA for Revising Animal Welfare Stance

December 2009—Revisions Submitted for Euthanasia Guidelines

November 2009—HSVMA Highlights Animal Welfare-Friendly Training

October 2009—Veterinary Support Needed to End the Use of Chimps in Research

August 2009—HSVMA Backs Bill to Ban Devocalization in Massachusetts

April 2009—HSVMA Members Push for Puppy Mill Regulations

February 2009—HSVMA Launches Campaign on Cosmetic and Convenience Surgeries

November 2008—Veterinarians and California's Proposition 2: An Unprecedented Partnership

July 2008—HSVMA Veterinarians Assist with California Ballot Initiative to Aid Farm Animals

May 2008—HSVMA Petitions AVMA on Veal Crate Issue: Veterinarians Should Take a Stand Against Cruel Confinement

Winter 2008—AVAR Joins Forces with The Humane Society of the United States 

Winter 2008—HSVMA Continues Presentations at Veterinary Schools, Participates in SAVMA 2008

Fall 2007—AVAR-Sponsored Veterinary Students Share Experiences from Taking Action for Animals Conference 

Fall 2007—Interview with an IACUC Member 

Spring 2007—Veterinary Students Surveyed at SAVMA on AR Issues

Spring 2007—University of Guadalajara Addresses Animal Use in Education 

Winter 2007—Meet ...The IACUC―Participating in Decisions Regarding Animal Care and Use 

Fall 2006—Western University SCAVAR Celebrates Third Year with Growing Membership and Expanded Activities 

Fall 2006—Preliminary Assessment of Recent Spay-Neuter Legislation in Buncombe County, NC

Fall 2006—Veterinary Students Making a Difference: Claudia Channing from Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine 

Spring 2006—Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges Holds Education Symposium on Alternatives in Veterinary Education 

Spring 2006—Tufts University Veterinary Student Conducts Survey on Willed Body Donation Programs

Winter 2006—Pathology Department at St. Petersburg Veterinary School to End Animal Experiments 

Winter 2006—Banfield Partners with Mexican Veterinary School to Offer Clinical Training Program for Students

Fall 2005—Veterinary Students Making a Difference: Veterinary Resident and Students Aid Hurricane Katrina's Animal Victims 

Fall 2005—AVAR Participates in International Conference on Alternatives in Education

January 2005—University of Wisconsin Body Donation Program Replicated at Undergraduate Level 

October 2004—Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine Ends Terminal Surgeries 

October 2004—Lawsuit Over Pound-Seized Animals Slowed by County Maneuvering

May 2004—AVAR is Plaintiff in Lawsuit against Sacramento County, California―County Violated Agreement Regarding Pound Seized Animals

January 2004—Nearly Every Veterinary School Cited by USDA for Non-Compliance with Federal Law

September 2003—Pound Seizure―Why Veterinary Medical Students Should Oppose It

April 2003—AVAR Addresses Violations of Federal Animal Welfare Act With USDA Petition―Students Join as Co-Petitioners 

September 2002—U. Penn Vet School Ends Terminal Surgeries in Small Animal Curriculum

April 2002—WSU Students Betrayed by University Policies and Politics

April 2001—UC Davis Drops Terminal Surgery Labs

September 2000—AVAR Completes Survey on Animal Use in U.S. Veterinary Schools 

April 2000—Tufts University Terminates Terminal Surgeries

Fall 1998—Greyhound Goals―Colorado State University Vows "No More Killing" 

Fall 1997—Grants Awarded for Alternatives