Animal Welfare-Related Training Opportunities for Veterinary Professionals

HSVMA Continuing Education Webinar Series - Live and archived webinars on animal welfare-related topics (35+ RACE-approved webinars). Webinar topics include:

  • Animal Cruelty Investigation and Reporting
  • Companion Animal and Equine Behavior
  • Cost of Veterinary Care/Access to Veterinary Care Issues
  • Ethics
  • Farm Animal Welfare
  • Geriatrics
  • Practice Management
  • Shelter Medicine and Spay/Neuter
  • Small Animal Medicine

American College of Animal Welfare  (ACAW) - Specialty board-certification for veterinarians

Animal Care Expo - Annual conference for animal welfare professionals includes an HSVMA-sponsored CE track for veterinary professionals. Topics include:

  • Shelter Medicine
  • Community Medicine
  • Access to Veterinary Care
  • Community Cat Issues
  • Transport Protocols
  • Veterinary Advocacy
Cambridge e-Learning Institute - On-line certificates in Animal Welfare and Animal Ethics. Courses include:
  • Basic Concepts in Animal Welfare
  • Animal Behaviour and Welfare
  • Farm Animal Welfare
  • The Welfare of Animals in Research
  • The Welfare of Wild Animals
  • The Welfare of Working and Companion Animals
  • Animal Welfare Law
  • Animal Ethics 

Fear Free – On-line certification program as well as elective courses. Courses include:

  • Fear Free Behavior Modification Basics
  • Fear Free Transport of Cats and Dogs to and from the Veterinary Hospital
  • Fear Free Reception and Waiting Area
  • The Fear Free Exam Room
  • Fear Free In-Hospital Care
  • Fear Free Procedures
  • Pre-visit Protocols: Complementary Therapeutics, Products, and Pharmaceuticals
  • In-Hospital Protocols for Sedation, Anesthesia, and Analgesia

Human Animal Bond Research Institute (HABRI) On-line certification program. Courses include:

  • Introduction to the Human-Animal Bond
  • Science Module
  • Communication
  • Community Engagement
  • Animal Welfare & Wellness
  • Medical Care

PennVet – On-line MSc or Graduate Certificate in Animal Welfare and Behavior. Courses include:

  • Animal Welfare Science
  • Fundamentals of Animal Behavior
  • Applied Animal Welfare and Behavior
  • Animals and Society

Society for Veterinary Medical Ethics (SVME) – On-line basic veterinary medical ethics course. Courses include:

  • Basic Ethics and Veterinary Medicine
  • Contemporary Ethical Issues in Veterinary Practice
  • Principles of Veterinary Medical Ethics of the AVMA
  • Animal Welfare
  • The Human Animal Bond and Ethics
  • The Ethics of Euthanasia
  • Ethics and Humane Biomedical Research
  • Ethical Discussion on the Eating of Animals

Tufts Center for Animals and Public Policy – Master’s Degree (MS) program. Focus areas include:

  • Animals in the Community
  • Animals in Research
  • Animals in the Environment
  • Animals in Society

University of Edinburgh-International Animal Welfare, Ethics, and Law - Post-graduate on-line learning program and Master's degree (MSc).  Courses include:

  • International animal welfare science
  • Animal ethics, policy and law
  • Animal welfare in research, testing and education
  • Production animals welfare
  • Companion animal welfare
  • Captive and free-range wild animal welfare
  • Clinical animal behavior
  • Equine behavior and welfare

University of Florida Veterinary Forensic Sciences – On-line graduate certificate and Master’s degree (MS) programs. Courses include:

  • Animal Crime Scene Processing
  • Scientific Legal Principles of Forensic Evidence
  • Cruelty to Animals and Interpersonal Violence
  • Veterinary Forensic Medicine
  • Forensic Entomology

University of Winchester-Animal Welfare Science, Ethics, and Law - On-line Master's degree (MSc). Courses include:

  • Animal Welfare
  • Animals and Society
  • Animal Interests
  • Capacities and Ethical Considerations
  • Animal Behaviour and Psychological States 

University of Winchester Animal Welfare Video Series - Series of videos on variety of animal welfare topics from university's conferences and events.

University of Guelph-Campbell Centre for the Study of Animal Welfare - Undergraduate courses and Graduate degrees in animal welfare, as well as an on-line Certificate in Equine Welfare. Course include:

  • Principles of Animal Care and Welfare
  • Vertebrate Ethology
  • Animal Welfare Judging and Evaluation
  • Applied Animal Behaviour and Welfare