These Toes Were Made for More Than Scratching:
The Case Against Feline Toe Amputation

Presented by Robin Downing, DVM, MS, DAAPM, DACVSMR, CVPP, CCRP

8 pm ET/5 pm PT, TUESDAY, October 13, 2020

This webinar is approved for 1.5 hours of RACE CE credit for both veterinarians and veterinary technicians. 
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As a specialist in pain management, Dr. Downing has a unique, expert perspective on issues related to cat declawing (feline toe amputation) and why it should not be performed on cats. The following topics will be covered during this webinar:

  • The pathogenesis of chronic maladaptive pain that can result from feline toe amputation
  • The pathologic changes in biomechanics that result from feline toe amputation
  • The bioethical violations involved in feline toe amputation
  • Strategies to share with cat owners to encourage cats to use their claws in ways that are acceptable to their human caregivers

Please join us for this webinar on this important and timely topic. With legislation now being introduced in many states to ban this procedure, this is an issue that many of our clients are talking about and this webinar will help you be prepared for those discussions. You will also learn how to educate clients about alternatives to declaw. 

If you are not a veterinary professional (veterinarian, veterinary technician, veterinary or veterinary technician student), we welcome your participation in the webinar for a one-time fee. Please call 530-759-8106 or email [email protected] to complete the registration.




Dr. Downing is Hospital Director of The Downing Center for Animal Pain Management, LLC. She has received many regional, national, and international awards, including the Excellence in Veterinary Medicine Award in 2001 from the World Small Animal Veterinary Association, and most recently the 2020 Leo K. Bustad Companion Animal Veterinarian of the Year Award from the AVMA.

Dr. Downing is a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation, a Certified Veterinary Pain Practitioner, and she was the third veterinarian in the world to earn the Diplomate credential in the American Academy of Pain Management (a human pain management organization). She was a founder of the International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management, and served as that organization’s second President. In addition, she has served as President of the American Association of Human-Animal Bond Veterinarians (now called the Human-Animal Bond Association).

Dr. Downing is an internationally sought-after speaker on a wide variety of topics including pain management, physical rehabilitation, physical medicine, hospice/end-of-life care, anaesthesia related topics, and overcoming compliance obstacles/issues in veterinary medicine. In 2016 she completed her Master of Science degree in Clinical Bioethics from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in NYC and Union Graduate College with the intention of translating the practices of clinical bioethics for application in veterinary medicine. This commitment includes framing the imperatives of the Fear Free movement, as well as comprehensive acute and chronic pain management, as obligations grounded in bioethical principles. She is now working on a Doctorate in Clinical Bioethics at Loyola University of Chicago.