HSVMA Member Speaks to Veterinarians About the Ohio Humane Farm Ballot Initiative

June 4, 2010

Dr. Lee Schrader, an internal medicine specialist and HSVMA member, recently gave a presentation on the Ohio humane ballot initiative at the Miami Valley Veterinary Medical Association's monthly meeting in Dayton, Ohio.

Dr. Schrader's presentation
Dr. Schraders speaks to a group of veterinarians about the Ohio ballot initiative.

Dr. Schrader spoke about the unique opportunity that Ohio veterinarians have to support this crucial ballot measure—a measure that will provide guidance to the Livestock Care Standards Board and help define more humane care guidelines, including minimum confinement standards, acceptable methods of euthanasia, and prohibition on the transport, sale, receipt, or entrance into the human food supply of any downer cows.

Specifically, this measure will ensure that veal calves, breeding pigs, and egg-laying hens are able to stand up, lie down, turn around and extend their limbs. It will also prevent inhumane methods of putting farm animals to death, such as strangulation by hanging, and require that only American Veterinary Medical Association-approved farm animal euthanasia methods be utilized. Finally, it will prohibit sick and injured cattle from being transported to slaughter plants for human consumption.

Ohio veterinarians are encouraged to endorse this petition and join their colleagues in speaking out on behalf of animals in need. To read the full petition, endorse the ballot initiative, and see a full list of endorsers, please go to OhioHumane.com.