Rabbits show their pain

Source: Nature

(September 7, 2012) Rabbits are the latest focus of work seeking to measure animal discomfort by assessing facial expressions.

Researchers working with animals often find it difficult to scientifically assess when their study subjects are in pain. Traditional methods rely on after-the-fact measurements involving weight loss or food and water consumption, or on subjective judgements such as how an animal moves. In an attempt to make pain assessment more scientific...

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Fat dogs and cats are getting professional help

Source: boston.com

(September 1, 2012) Lisa Baruzzi admits she used to slip Richie a few too many treats. She just wanted to show him how much she loved him — "he’s just the sweetest dog you’ll ever meet."

Then, Richie started having heart trouble. A cardiologist told Baruzzi the golden retriever would have a better recovery if he weren’t 20 pounds overweight, and referred the dog to a pet nutritionist...

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NY officers to be trained for animal abuse cases

Source: The Wall Street Journal

(September 9, 2012) ALBANY, N.Y. — Police and animal care specialists are getting special training on how to investigate cases of animal abuse...

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Farm Use of Antibiotics Defies Scrutiny

Source: The New York Times

(September 3, 2012) The numbers released quietly by the federal government this year were alarming. A ferocious germ resistant to many types of antibiotics had increased tenfold on chicken breasts, the most commonly eaten meat on the nation’s dinner tables.

But instead of a learning from a broad national inquiry into a troubling trend, scientists said they were stymied by a lack of the most basic element of research: solid data...

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Veterinary school chosen for Gates site

Source: BuffaloNews.com

(August 29, 2012) And the winner is ... the veterinary school.

Kaleida Health’s board of directors Tuesday announced the selection of Chason Affinity’s $65 million proposal to create a school of veterinary medicine in the former Millard Fillmore Gates Circle Hospital, completing an 18-month process to find a developer for the nearly 10-acre site that closed in March...

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Welfare college receives provisional recognition

Source: VIN

(August 16, 2012) Veterinarians interested in becoming board certified in animal welfare have until Nov. 1 to submit paperwork needed to take a 2013 examination for the American College of Animal Welfare (ACAW).

ACAW — founded to advance animal welfare through education, certification and scientific investigation — has received provisional recognition from the American Board of Veterinary Specialties (ABVS). The newly established specialty was approved Aug. 1 by the American Veterinary Medical Association's (AVMA) Executive Board. ..

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Caring for man's best friend: Attempts to cure 'low-level animal neglect'

Source: Brattleboro Reformer

(August 13, 2012) BRATTLEBORO -- Annie Guion knows the struggle of having to surrender an animal because someone can't physically or financially take care of it.

Recently, Guion, executive director of the Windham County Humane Society, and Brattleboro Police Animal Control Officer Cathy Barrows, had to seize four dogs from a residence along Vernon Street because the animals had allegedly been neglected by their owners...

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Veterinary visits up but pet ownership down

Source: VIN

(August 10, 2012) Within a set of mainly downbeat statistics about pet ownership yielded by a new survey of some 50,000 American households is a bright note for companion animal veterinarians: Veterinary visits by dogs and cats reached 190.9 million in 2011, a rise of nearly 4.5 percent from 2006...

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