Shelters and veterinarians: The problem with cats

Source: DVM360

(January 1, 2013) Too many felines are surrendered to animal shelters or abandoned. A new survey checks in on animal shelters, rescue groups, and veterinarians to find new ways they can work together...

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Cats Take on Owners' Habits (Good and Bad)

Source: Discovery News

(January 16, 2013) Cats really do become part of our families, to the point that they take on human habits -- good and bad -- and adapt their lifestyle with that of their owners, says new research...

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Loyal Dog Waits 30 Minutes for Master to Be Rescued from Freezing River

Source: Shine from Yahoo!

(January 16, 2013) As if there wasn't enough evidence that dogs are just plain awesome, now comes the news that a man's loyal dog waited and watched for 30 minutes as the fire department rescued his owner after he crashed through thin ice on the Colorado River...

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Sudden Death of Show Pony Clouds Image of Elite Pursuit

Source: The New York Times

(December 27, 2012) Early on the morning of May 26, Kristen Williams and her daughter, Katie, arrived at a barn on the grounds of the Devon Horse Show, where elite competitors in full dress have entertained spectators for the last century on Philadelphia’s Main Line...

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Veterinary center sending care packages to dogs serving in Afghanistan


(December 7, 2012) PEWEE VALLEY, KY (WAVE) – This year for the first time, Pewee Valley Veterinary Center is collecting care packages for a group of soldiers in Afghanistan that often gets nothing in exchange for its unique service to our country: the canine corp...

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Soring and the Gaited Horse

Source: PetMD

(December 14, 2012) One unfortunate challenge pressing the horse industry in the U.S. is the act of soring show horses. This vile practice involves deliberately inflicting pain in a horse in order to exaggerate leg motion. This practice is almost exclusive to the gaited horse show community, where in the show ring the horse with the flashiest, high-stepping gait is usually the winner. The most common breed affected is the lovely Tennessee Walking horse...

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Poaching is a national security issue, WWF study finds

Source: International Business Times

(December 12, 2012) Poaching of wild animals for ivory, horns, skins and other parts has been a dangerous business for animals for decades, but it's evolved into a security threat as well, according to a WWF report. Elaborate criminal syndicates that protect and augment the trade have developed, the report found. "It is one thing to be worried about the traditional poachers who come in and kill and take a few animals, a few tusks, a few horns or other animal parts," said Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. "It's something else when you've got helicopters, night vision goggles, automatic weapons, which pose a threat to human life as well as wildlife." ...

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Connection between animal cruelty, domestic abuse

Source: Clarion Ledger

(December 8, 2012) Veterinarians often have a perspective on domestic violence situations that others would never consider. Dr. Sharon Fooshee Grace, a clinical professor in Mississippi State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine, frequently addresses the connection between animal cruelty and domestic violence. She recently spoke to veterinarians and law enforcement officials about the need to work together to protect human and animal lives...

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