HSVMA is excited to announce that we are now accepting applications for our Student Animal Welfare Scholars program for projects related to the welfare of animals in puppy mills! 

Thanks to a generous grant, we are able to offer $7000.00 stipends to veterinary students who would like to complete a summer research project related to puppy mills.

Background: Puppy mills are large-scale breeding establishments where large numbers of dogs are kept in inhumane conditions for commercial sale. Although the conditions in CBEs vary widely in quality, puppy mills are typically operated with an emphasis on profits over animal welfare and the dogs often live in substandard conditions, housed for their entire reproductive lives in cages or runs, provided little to no positive human interaction or other forms of environmental enrichment, and minimal to no veterinary care. For more information, view the HSVMA Veterinary Report on Puppy Mills.

Focus areas of research can address any of the welfare issues noted above or others related to the welfare of animals in puppy mills.   

Students who are selected for the stipends by an HSVMA review team will be expected to work full time (40 hours or more per week) for a 10-week period, as well as write up and present their results in poster format at the 2020 HSVMA Animal Welfare Symposium, which will be held in the fall at a veterinary school in the United States (location TBD).  The stipends will cover the research project as well as the cost of travel to the symposium. In order to apply for the stipends, students will have to identify a faculty member at their school (or at another accredited school) willing to endorse the project and mentor the student during the active project period. 

Required application information can be found here and the scholarships will be awarded until filled.  The deadline to apply is May 15th. Any questions can be sent to Heather Schrader, HSVMA Student Outreach Program Manager, at [email protected]