We wanted to share the good news that the state ballot measures that HSVMA worked on this election season in conjunction with HSUS and other partners – Prop 12 in California and Amendment 13 in Florida – were both approved by the voters.

The victories are monumental since both measures will have a far-reaching impact on animal welfare that extends beyond state borders. In Florida, Amendment 13, which was approved by 69% of the voters, will phase out commercial greyhound racing in the state by 2020. And since 11 of the remaining 17 US racetracks are in Florida, this victory heralds the inevitable end of this archaic and cruel sport. Meanwhile, Prop 12 in California, which was approved by 61% of the voters, is now the most sweeping farm animal protection law in the nation, making it illegal for factory farming corporations – either in California or those outside the state who are supplying the CA marketplace – to confine egg-laying hens, mother pigs and baby veal calves in cramped cages for their entire lives.

The victory on both fronts is due to an incredible effort on behalf of HSUS and various coalition partners and advocates, including the hundreds of veterinary professionals who joined with HSVMA in supporting both of these measures.The voice of the veterinary profession is so important on issues pertaining to animal health and welfare, and the veterinary involvement in both of these campaigns was critical.

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