Veterinary Opposition Needed to Help Defeat King Amendment

Proposed Federal Legislation Would Put State Animal Cruelty Laws At Risk

 Sign the Veterinary Opposition Statement

JUNE 2018 - Rep. Steve King's amendment, added to the U.S. House Farm Bill, could restrict a state's ability to set standards on how agricultural products sold within its borders are produced, potentially negating state laws protecting farm animals, cracking down on puppy mills, eliminating horse slaughter, banning dog and cat meat, prohibiting shark finning and more. Fortunately, the House recently rejected that version of the Farm Bill. However, this may be a short-term victory because the King Amendment is likely to be included in the next iteration of the Farm Bill, which may be brought back again in the House as early as the 3rd week in June! Here's how you can help:

  1. Sign the Opposition Statement: We need as many veterinary professionals as possible to sign onto a statement of opposition to the King Amendment. You can submit your name via our online form here to be added to the growing list of individuals and organizations opposing this legislation. (You can view a list of those already opposing the King Amendment here.)
  2. Contact Your Federal Legislators: Please contact your Representative and your two Senators (you can confirm who your legislators are here) and urge them to reject Representative Steve King's amendment (H.R. 4879) to the Farm Bill, given the disastrous consequences for animal protection. Here's a short sample script you can use:

"My name is <your name> and I'm a voting constituent in <your city> and a veterinary professional. I'm very concerned about the amendment (H.R. 4879) that Representative Steve King got included during committee markup of the 2018 Farm Bill (H.R. 2). The King amendment is a dangerous attack on state laws regarding animal protection, food safety, and many other concerns. I urge you to oppose this amendment to the Farm Bill and do everything possible to ensure it is not enacted. Thank you."

For more background, here's a link to a King Amendment Fact Sheet. Remember to point out that you are a constituent and a veterinary professional when you call, since legislators look to the profession for guidance on animal health and welfare!

Thank you so much for taking action on this critical animal welfare issue.