Humane Alliance Encourages Early Spay and Neuter

Humane Alliance

November 21, 2013

Our friends at Humane Alliance want to let HSVMA members know about their Spay and Neuter Early campaign. A major goal of the campaign is to spay or neuter pets by the age of four months, before unplanned litters can become a euthanasia statistic. Studies show that 72 percent of people don’t know the best time to fix their pets and, of the people in the survey who admitted to a litter, 58 percent of cat owners and 38 percent of dog owners said it was an accident. If more people sterilized their pets before the first heat there would be fewer surprise litters that end up homeless. Early spay and neuter surgeries could easily be tied into scheduling after the last set of vaccines.

The campaign has two audiences:

  1. THE PUBLIC, with a website that has facts, a locator to find a veterinary clinic to set up an appointment, and fun videos and graphics on the benefit of early spay/neuter that can be shared across social media.
  2. VETERINARIANS, by offering resources and hands-on training in pediatric spay/neuter. The resources for veterinarians include a “veterinarian toolkit” with free downloadable marketing materials for use in your clinic, information on hands-on early spay/neuter training, integration ideas for your practice and marketing ideas to help you spread the word. Some of the materials can be customized to represent your practice for a small fee. If you work at a shelter or spay/neuter clinic these can also be great tools to promote your services.

If you are already on board, you can help just by adding your name. A strong roster of veterinary support for pediatric spay/neuter can make a huge difference and show the public that these surgeries are safe and easy for their pets.

We encourage you to help the Spay and Neuter Early campaign by filling out this quick and easy veterinarian support survey. You can choose what level of participation you’re willing to offer and how you’d like to be kept informed about the campaign. Doing so also gives you access to the campaign’s “veterinarian toolkit” mentioned above, and you’ll receive periodic updates when there are webinars, discussions, articles, or training on pediatric spay/neuter.

This is one of the images Humane Alliance makes available to veterinarians to download and customize.
Humane Alliance

Humane Alliance is a nationally recognized nonprofit organization that focuses on high-volume, high-quality, low-cost companion animal sterilization. Since their start in 1994 as a small spay/neuter clinic in Asheville, N.C., they’ve fostered a new mentoring culture across the country to successfully replicate their tried and tested clinic model. For more information about Humane Alliance, visit

Humane Alliance is a proud supporter of World Spay Day 2014. Next year marks World Spay Day’s 20th anniversary – please sign up to participate!

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