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April 2016—Two FREE downloads for members!

In this issue:

  • More than 500 Massachusetts veterinary professionals have joined a diverse coalition in supporting a ballot initiative to end the extreme confinement of farm animals. The sizeable veterinary support for the ballot measure is another example of how the veterinary community is taking an active stand against the inhumane housing methods used on large factory farms!...more»
  • Did you know that HSVMA members can access downloads of two popular resources -- Wildlife Care Basics for Veterinary Hospitals and Euthanasia Reference Manual -- free of charge? Login to download your free copies...more»
  • Yellowstone's grizzly bears are facing the fight of their life. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is proposing to remove them from the Endangered Species Act list of threatened species, which would subject grizzlies to trophy hunts...more»
  • The Humane Economy: How Innovators and Enlightened Consumers Are Transforming the Lives of Animals describes a revolution in American business and public policy that is changing forever how we treat animals and conduct commerce... more»

March 2016—Two upcoming CE opportunities for veterinary professionals

In this issue:

  • SeaWorld announced an end to its orca breeding program and a phase-out of its theatrical orca shows in favor of exhibits that highlight the whales’ natural behaviors. The company has pledged that it will not obtain any additional orcas moving forward...more»
  • Take advantage of discounted registration for HSVMA members and CE for veterinary professionals on a range of topics like fighting disease outbreaks to dealing with dogfighting situations, providing humane care for community cats, and expanding access to veterinary care through innovative new solutions...more»
  • HSVMA-RAVS develops long-term relationships with tribal communities, provides veterinary care to people in underserved areas, and elevates the knowledge about animal care and welfare within a community. We know we can't save every animal, but we can -- and do -- save one animal at a time...more»
  • Because cats manifest pain differently than dogs, it has gone largely unrecognized and untreated until the last decade. View our April 20 webinar to learn how to recognize and treat pain in cats, and how to help your clients recognize the subtle signs of pain their aging cats may exhibit... more»

February 2016—Combining hands-on training with spay/neuter awareness

In this issue:

  • For the sixth consecutive year, HSVMA sponsored World Spay Day events providing veterinary students with hands-on training in surgical skills while promoting awareness of the need for spay and neuter of companion animals. This year, HSVMA sponsored events in Alabama, California, and Florida...more»
  • HSVMA hosted a special evening presentation at NAVC 2016 with Congressman Kurt Schrader, who discussed critical issues affecting the veterinary profession in the U.S. Dr. Schrader also highlighted the importance of advocacy and bipartanship in advancing causes that benefit both the profession and the animals..more»
  • Each HSVMA-RAVS clinic brings a patient we know we will remember forever. During our last trip to Arizona, one case emphasized how important collaboration between our RAVS team, local veterinary professionals, and clients are absolutely essential to ensure a good outcome for patients with challenging conditions...more»
  • Whether you're considering offering rehabilitation for your small animal patients or are skeptical of its benefits, we hope you will join us for discussion about the goals of physical rehabilitation, evidence showing it is beneficial, simple rehab techniques, and drugs and modalities that can be used to manage pain... more»

January 2016—Grateful for the magic

In this issue:

  • Your membership, involvement, and generous contributions made it possible for HSVMA to reach significant milestones in our efforts to bring the veterinary profession to the forefront of animal welfare in 2015...more»
  • HSVMA members are invited to access and contribute to a new online journal that features the first-ever collection of articles with empirical findings on what, when, and how nonhuman animals feel...more»
  • A generous donation from the trust of Jeanette Pontacq reminded us of the unquantifiable reach of HSVMA-RAVS; something we like to think of as being a little magical...more»
  • Our next webinar on February 24 will focus on physical rehabilitation for small animal patients, including evidence showing rehabilitation is worthwhile in small animal patients...more»

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