HSVMA-RAVS and Abaxis Partner to Provide State of the Art Diagnostics

October 14, 2014

HSVMA-RAVS and Abaxis personnel using a stethoscope on a dog
A partnership between HSVMA-RAVS and Abaxis has not only benefited both organizations, but also the communities RAVS serves. Shea Long for HSVMA

Staying current on new technologies and therapies applicable to the widely-varying clinical pictures in the communities HSVMA-RAVS serves is an ongoing challenge. Developing corporate partnerships has become a beneficial component of these efforts. In 2012 RAVS staff learned that Abaxis needed blood samples from animals infected with Ehrlicha spp. and/or Anaplasma spp. and would compensate participating clinics. These diseases are rare in many parts of our country, but they are endemic on reservations in Arizona that HSVMA-RAVS visits. On the San Carlos Apache Reservation in remote southeastern Arizona, RAVS has been part of a multi-level, multi-agency effort that has included the Centers for Disease Control and local community health programs to reduce the tick vectors of these diseases. After learning more about the project, RAVS decided to participate in the Abaxis program—a small step that would yield great benefit.

Over the past three seasons, RAVS teams have provided over 100 samples to assist Abaxis with their development of rapid tests for these tick-borne pathogens. Annemarie O’Brien, the Rapids Product Manager for Abaxis, has worked directly with Erin Spencer, HSVMA-RAVS Program Coordinator, to coordinate these efforts. The relationship has resulted in valuable donations from Abaxis – including tests for parvovirus and heartworms – that have saved the RAVS team thousands of dollars and allowed for improvements in our efforts to identify and treat these life-threatening conditions. Further collaboration saw a team from Abaxis join one of our wellness clinics to help with blood collection and testing. The expertise of this team allowed for education of veterinary students and pet owners alike during their pet’s visit.

The HSVMA-RAVS team is grateful for the amazing partnership that has developed with Abaxis, and looks forward to building on the strong foundation Annemarie and Erin have built. With this collaboration, thousands of animals have been helped, and hundreds of veterinary professionals and future veterinarians from all over the country have used Abaxis products in the field. That first small step three years ago has returned a unique dividend to HSVMA-RAVS, to Abaxis, and to the communities and animals that desperately need our help.

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