Could the 'lung on a chip' help end animal testing?

Source: The Week

(June 18, 2013) On the hunt for a new asthma medication, pharmaceutical giant Merck & Co is looking at a new technology for testing potential drugs — a tiny "lung" that lives on a microchip. This is fantastic news for mice who might otherwise have the drugs tested on them...

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Top 10 Dog and Cat Medical Conditions of 2012

Source: VPI Pet Insurance

(April 2, 2013) Just like their human counterparts, when pets are afflicted with even seemingly minor ailments such as an ear infection, stomach ache or cough, it can prompt a visit to the doctor. While the majority of these conditions are rarely life threatening, they can become chronic and expensive to treat...

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Sheepdog 'bodyguards' protect endangered penguins from foxes, saving them from extinction

Source: Treehugger

(June 3, 2013) "No foxes have killed penguins in the past seven years" This is clever. Very clever. Sheepdogs are bred and trained to protect sheep against wolves, but that doesn't mean that their skills can't be used to protect different animals against other species of predators. This is exactly what the Maremma Project did on Warrnambool’s Middle Island, off the south coast of Australia...

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Birth control implants will curb dog populations in Labrador Innu communities


(June 7, 2013) ST. JOHN'S, N.L. - Contraceptive implants will prevent the births of thousands of puppies in Labrador's remote Innu communities, says a veterinarian who volunteered this week in Sheshatshiu.

Judith Samson-French, a Bragg Creek, Alta.-based vet with the group Dogs With No Names, said more than 60 female dogs had received an implant by Friday. The hormonal devices are about the size of a grain of rice and are slipped under the skin between the dog's shoulder blades...

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Legislation is right step for state animal welfare


(May 19, 2013) While not all legislation regarding dogs and cats in West Virginia has been reasonable or necessary, the Legislature has taken some admirable steps recently to do good things for the creatures in our care...

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Sen. Moran introduces Veterinary Medicine Mobility Act

Source: High Plains/Midwest Ag Journal

(May 27, 2013) U.S. Sens. Jerry Moran, R-KS, and Angus King, I-ME, on May 15 introduced the Veterinary Medicine Mobility Act. The bipartisan legislation will allow veterinarians to legally carry and dispense controlled substances to protect the health and welfare of the nation’s animals, ensure public safety, and safeguard the nation’s food supply. Companion legislation, H.R. 1528, was also introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives...

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Dogs Put $489M Bite on Home Insurance Industry

Source: ABC News

(May 29, 2013) How costly are dog bites? The cost to the insurance industry last year was $489 million--about one-third of all the money paid out for homeowners' liability claims overall. That figure, says the Insurance Information Institute, is up more than 50 percent since 2003. The number of bite claims last year topped 16,500...

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Many animal-related expenses are tax deductible

Source: San Jose Mercury News

(April 15, 2013) Many people consider pets to be members of the family. But at tax time, our four-legged dependents aren't deductible. There are, however, some animal-related expenses the Internal Revenue Service does allow...

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