HSVMA-RAVS International Team Receives Special Thanks from the Dominican Republic

The plaque reads "We are greatly appreciate [sic] the support, teaching and dedication and immense concern for animal welfare in the Dominican Republic. You have caused a change in our veterinary practice and our lives."

April 8, 2014

Last month, Dr. Susan Monger, International Director of HSVMA-RAVS, oversaw three weeks of teaching the fundamentals of anesthesia and surgery to numerous veterinarians and veterinary students in the Dominican Republic. Dr. Monger and her team of volunteer veterinarians and veterinary technicians – all who have worked together for a number of years in the country – spent many hours working one-on-one with local students and veterinarians who are dedicated to animal welfare. Each year that HSVMA returns, we see progress in anesthesia and surgical techniques, and more and more veterinary professionals dedicated to improving animal welfare. Although the work can be demanding at times, the HSVMA-RAVS team was rewarded with the dedication shown by each participant throughout the trip.

This year, the Dominican veterinarians and students surprised the HSVMA-RAVS team with a special thank you gift. "On the eve of our departure this year, we were presented with a gift that each of us will carry in our hearts and spirits as we continue this challenging work. The few words on a beautiful plaque are the best gift we could have received from our friends and colleagues in the Dominican Republic," recounted Dr. Monger.

The HSVMA offers its deep and sincere gratitude to all the Dominican veterinarians and students who have enriched the lives of their RAVS mentors, not to mention the lives of many Dominican animals!


Dr. Susan Monger/HSVMA